A community of believers

The Altamont Reformed Church family invites you to share in our worship and join in our fellowship. For more than 125 years, the church has served Altamont Village while reaching out to nearby communities, the Capital Region, and the world.

Coming soon ... movie night at ARC

All are welcome to come to ARC's free movie night on Friday, Jan. 27, from 7 to 9 p.m. The feature presentation will be "Trolls," the 2016 animated film based on the popular Troll dolls. The movie is rated PG and tells the story of Poppy and Branch, as they set off on a journey to rescue their friends from the evil Bergens.

Kids of all ages will enjoy the movie and refreshments (lemonade, popcorn, and nachos) free of charge. Please use the rear entrance or the handicapped-accessible entrance to get to Fellowship Hall.


The future of the church

There are concerns for the future of the church. Regardless of the church—Roman Catholic, historic Protestant, Evangelical—membership and participation are decreasing. This is a trend, however, and not a destiny.

The context in which we find ourselves now, and the future into which we are headed, is pluralistic: Christianity is not the only game in town. We are entering into a time that is much closer to the early church than anything that Western Christians have experienced for at least 1000 years. And yet, when the early church was a minority, when it wasn’t the dominant religion or the dominant worldview, it grew the fastest and was the strongest. This is because the early Christians had to pull together to make it. In pulling together, a deep and rich community formed that attracted people to this movement.

Walk through the sanctuary and take note of the windows. Not only the beauty of them, but also who gave them or whom they were given in memory or honor of. All of these people had a love for this church and a hope for its future. Think about all the people who have committed in various ways to the ministry of this church throughout the years, whose names are not inscribed on a window, all the people who gave of their time, energy and their resources in very ordinary but faithful ways.

This church is a beacon of hope whose light has been kept burning and which has been tended for generations, and it is now our turn to tend this light, to keep this light burning, to carry this light for future generations.

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