Becoming a member of ARC

Anyone who might be interested in becoming a full member of the ARC congregation is invited to be part of ARC’s annual Inquirers’ Class led by Pastor Bob Luidens.

The Inquirers’ Class is intended to introduce interested adults to ARC, its historical and theological heritage, and its current life and opportunities. As the class’s name implies, there is no pre-commitment expected by class participants. To the contrary, the class is intended to provide opportunity to think through what commitment as a congregational member might entail before deciding whether or not to make that commitment.

If interested in being a part of the class, please let Pastor Bob Luidens know by late January. He will schedule the first of the sessions thereafter, making allowance for the busy schedules of all the class participants.

Individuals who are full members of another Christian church may have their membership transferred to ARC. Those who have not been part of a church for a long period, but who have made a confession of Christian faith in the past, may be received into membership by reaffirmation of their faith. Those who have never made a confession of Christian faith may make such a statement and be received into membership.




Call the Church Office at 518-861-8711 or e-mail