The ARC-y LRC-y Page!

The ARC-y LRC-ys (AR-kee LAR-keez) are the combined youth group of Altamont and Lynnwood Reformed Churches for youth in grades 4-12. The ARC-y LRC-ys focus on community service and having fun!

Youth group gatherings take place approximately two times per month.

All youth entering grades 4-12 are invited to attend ARC-y LRC-y events and activities.

Click here for the 2016 -2017 ARC-y LRC-y permission and information form. Return the completed form to the first ARC-y LRC-y event you attend.

Click here for upcoming events.


Melanie Tuxbury, Altamont Reformed Church's Associate for Youth and Intergenerational Ministries, at or (518) 861-8711

Pastor Garrett Szantner, Lynnwood Reformed Church, at or (518) 356-4327