Altamont Reformed Church

Our Church

The Altamont Reformed Church is a local church of the Reformed Church in America (RCA). Our tradition originated in the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century, and our denomination arrived on this continent in 1628, but we are not captive to the past. We come from many walks of life and have joined together for one purpose: to learn what it means to love God and love others.

As members of a community of faith, we:

Statement of Purpose

The Altamont Reformed Church is a community of Christian believers called by God to be a part of the living Body of Christ, to worship God our King, and to obey Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Enabled by the Holy Spirit, we pledge to study the Bible and live the Good News. We endeavor to serve and care for each other and to reach out to the world, sharing God’s love and inviting all to join in joyful discipleship.

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