Altamont Reformed Church


Daily Scripture Readings

God’s Word is rich with encouragement, insight, instruction, and inspiration! When we read it regularly and are willing to submit to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and are open to being transformed, it is a vital part of our growth as disciples of Jesus.

These readings are part of a regular, three-year rotation known as the Revised Common Lectionary. Though the lectionary was first developed a long time ago, you will be surprised how frequently the reading of the day will be exactly what you need to hear. God’s Word is alive and dynamic!

Even though a particular reading’s relevance may not be readily apparent, as you read more passages, you will gain a clearer sense of God’s interaction with human lives and with all of creation. Scripture reveals to us God’s redemption and his desire for us to participate in the work of the kingdom.

Week of April 24 - May 1, 2022

Monday -- Acts 9:1-9
Tuesday -- Acts 9:10-20
Wednesday -- Psalm 30
Thursday -- Revelation 5:11-14
Friday -- John 21:1-14
Saturday -- John 21:15-19
Sunday -- Third Sunday of Easter

Click here for suggested readings throughout the church year.