Altamont Reformed Church

Property Committee News

As we begin a new year, we thank all those who helped the Property Committee with various projects this past year. Fortunately, in 2019 we did not have any major problems or projects that were out of the ordinary. We focused on regular maintenance items that needed to be done, and there were no significant mechanical or structural issues that needed immediate attention.

Unfortunately, the weather turned cold and wintry in early November, which prevented us from being able to repaint both the church front steps and the wheelchair ramp. The outdoor carpeting that was installed many years ago had become moldy and worn, and we had begun the process of removing it and preparing the surface for painting. Temporary stair treads were put on the church front steps, and we apologize that it looks incomplete and rather unsightly for the time being. Please continue to use caution when using the front steps if it should be icy this winter.

One thing that we need to bring up is with regards to the AED unit we have at ARC, which is in a glass box in the wall in the entryway to the sanctuary near the handicapped entrance. Because it is in a public building, we are required to update the monitoring company with regular church attendees and staff members who are certified in CPR and the use of an AED unit. If you have current CPR certification, please inform Nancy McNiven or Greg Goutos.

The two-year certification will soon expire for those who took the CPR training in January 2018. They will need to ake
another training class. Please let Nancy or Greg know if you would like to take the class, as we will soon be scheduling the training.