Altamont Reformed Church

Requirements for Volunteers and Staff

Adult volunteers

  1. A prospective adult volunteer must have been an active attendee and participant at ARC for a minimum of six months prior to working with children, youth, or vulnerable adults.
  2. Prospective volunteers must be given access to a copy of the ARC Safe Sanctuary Policy.
  3. Prospective volunteers must complete the volunteer application form, which includes a criminal background check consent form.
  4. After screening and approval, an adult volunteer must complete child safety training as prescribed by the Safe Sanctuary Team and Consistory.
  5. Any volunteer who transports children or youth as part of any church program must meet the requirements of and adhere to ARC’s Policy Regarding Vehicular Driving.

Child and youth volunteers

  1. For nursery and toddler care, youth volunteers must be at least 12 years old with Red Cross Babysitter Training or equivalent. A record of the completed training will be kept on file in the Church Office.
  2. All child and youth volunteers must be under the supervision of at least two adults.

Paid employees

  1. Paid church employees are required to complete an employment application and a criminal background check consent form.
  2. Any employee who transports children or youth for the benefit of any church program must meet the requirements of and adhere to ARC's Policy Regarding Vehicular Driving.

Contracted and subcontracted employees

  1. If a prospective contracted or subcontracted employee is being hired for a job that relates to children and youth work, and if he/she will interface with children or youth, he/she must complete an application and criminal background check form prior completion of the contract. This requirement does not apply to contracted or subcontracted employees who will not in any way interface with children or youth.
  2. Guest speakers (paid or unpaid) must be supervised by two adults from ARC while they are with children and youth. Guest speakers may not be left alone with individual children or youth or with groups of children or youth.

Click here for the complete ARC Safe Sanctuary Policy (pdf).

Application/Review Process

Supervision of Children and Youth